domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

to any fairy Godmother out there

I love dreaming.
I love planning a future that may not happen in the end, but it's pretty while i imagined it.

That's why i'm so in love with the idea of ending high school this year and starting this whole new stage of my life.
I'm working hard to go to university. In my dreams I end up in some cool university placed in Canada. France, England... probably just going to get, the farthest, to Madrid. And best of luck to me with that last option as well.
My worst nightmare is staying in this town. Never leaving and actually getting used to this life. "why?" i'm asked all the time by family and friends, "is this that bad?". It's not about being bad or good, it's just about learning. I'd love to live in different places so the experiences you carry on with you are priceless.

In my dreams I get to do all that. And i adore it.

Right now, they're only dreams. Who knows if they'll come true? I hope i'm brave enough to chase them and give the best of me to get what i aim.

And maybe i'm blessed with the visit of that fairy godmother who a long ago changed Cinderella's life but this time is me who lives the prettiest fairy tale!

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